Patient & Visitor Guide

Before You Arrive

Click below for a map of our facilities:
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Entering our care:  

Even before you arrive, we are making preparations for you.  We will do everything we can to make your visit with us comfortable, pleasant and informative for you and your family.  When you arrive, please check in at the Admissions/Registration Desk, unless otherwise directed by your Physician.  A parent or guardian must accompany children under age 18.


A companion must be available to take you home when you leave the hospital.  You will not be permitted to drive an automobile the day of your procedure/surgery or to leave the hospital, without someone to drive you, in the event you have anesthetic.
Parking – surgery patients may park in the north parking lot (Sigler Avenue entrance).
Entrance – Enter the hospital through the North entrance off Sigler Avenue.   If you need assistance once you arrive, pull up to the Shelter at the North entrance and summon help.

Financial Arrangements:

If your insurance requires pre-certification for your procedure or admission, please work with the nurses in Centralized Scheduling (660-465-8511) before pre-op teaching.  Hospital charges for patients not covered by health insurance or other plans are payable in full upon discharge, unless other arrangements are made with the Business Office.  If your insurance requires co-payment, please bring that with you.  Please contact the Business Office before your admission at 660.465.8511 and review this policy: Pt Fin Responsibility.pdf
Please note that your surgeon, anesthetist, radiologist/pathologist will be billed separately.

Attire/Personal items:

Feel free to dress casually.  It is not necessary to bring any extra articles of clothing.  Please bring your insurance cards.   If you are an inpatient, you may bring your own toiletries.  Otherwise, bring as little as possible.   Please do not bring jewelry, money, checkbooks or credit cards.  Scotland County Hospital can only be responsible for those items checked in with the nurse for safekeeping and is not responsible for breakage or loss of personal property kept in your room.  Please do not bring radios, television sets, lap top computers, or other electrical appliances to the hospital.  If you are having an inpatient surgery procedure and you require a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea, please bring your machine.  Contact lenses cannot be worn during surgery.  All removable dental work must be removed prior to surgery.

Family Waiting Areas:

Due to limited space, outpatient surgery patients may have one family member accompany the patient in the room.  Pediatric patients may have both parents accompany them.  All other family and friends may wait in designated waiting areas.
Inpatient surgery patient families may wait in the patient room or designated waiting areas.

Your Discharge:

Your dismissal time will be determined by your Physician.  You will be provided with instructions for medication, diet,
activity and wound care at that time of your dismissal.