Emergency Medical Services at Scotland County Hospital

The Scotland County Hospital Ambulance Service is staffed with EMT & EMT-Paramedic. The Scotland County Hospital Ambulance Service utilizes type 3, heavy duty, all weather, modular trucks, featuring: pre-hospital advanced life-support systems, including AED's & 12 lead ALS monitors, the latest pre-hospital intubation systems, plus pre-hospital ALS medications and other technologies & equipment, for in field medical & trauma emergencies.

Emergency Crews are on call 24/7 & have the capability for additional search & rescue teams upon demand.

The Scotland County Hospital Ambulance emergency phone number is: 660-465-2131

Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222
Business Number: Ph. 660-465-8511
Fx. 660-465-2513

In The News:

Safety Coalition Recognizes Zero Highway Fatalities in Scotland County - Click on link below:

Staff Members:

Julia McNabb, DO

Erick Byrn, Paramedic, SUPERVISOR

Jason Moss
, Paramedic
Devin Mauck, Paramedic
Kat Probst, Paramedic
Greg Probst, Paramedic
Adam Bruner, Paramedic
Jason Groeller, Paramedic
Ruben Ferrell, Paramedic
Jeanne Parrish, EMT/RN
Nikki Long, EMT
Derek Ambrose, EMT
Kenny Hoover, EMT
David McGinnis, EMT
Rick Hale, EMT
Tasha Bunch, EMT
Zach Miller, EMT