Financial Services Department

SCH is committed to providing you with high-quality patient care and services for our hospital district and service area.  This includes sharing with you information about our billing process for health care services.  You are encouraged to contact us about your account, check current balances, update insurance information, find out the current status of your insurance claim, requested an itemized copy of your charges or pay your bill.  Please direct your call to our Patient Accounts Department at 660-465-8511.  Click below to view our discount policy & procedures.
Pt Fin Responsibility.pdf

Effective January 1, 2019, hospitals in Missouri and throughout the nation are required to post a machine-readable list of their current standard charges online. The information provided below is a comprehensive list of charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by Scotland County Hospital, also known as a charge master. It is not a helpful tool for patients to comparison shop between hospitals or to estimate what health care services are going to cost them out of their own pocket. The best approach for consumers interested in understanding their out-of-pocket cost is to work with the hospital, physician and insurance plan in advance. For more information about the cost of your care at Scotland County Hospital, please contact our Financial Services Department at 660-465-8511.
Click HERE for the Charge Master.
Click HERE for the DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups).

For an estimate of your out-of-pocket expense, after insurance, please contact Danielle Peterson at or Suzie Lister at; 660-465-8511
Please click on the links below for our two-page Patient Financial Services Brochure.
PFS Brochure.pdf
PFS Brochure #2.pdf


A good-faith estimate is provided to help self-pay, uninsured or out-of-network patients to understand their potential costs for services provided at the clinic.

When paying in full with our SAME DAY DISCOUNT, and taking advantage of our 50% savings, this is a good-faith ESTIMATE of your charges for that Date of Service.  You may be sent an itemized bill/statement after your Date of Service for charges that were not included in the total.  The final itemized bill/statement you receive will reflect the full discount you would have received on the Date of Service, had the estimate been accurate.  We ask that it be paid within 30 days of receiving the final itemized bill/statement.

Business, Billing and Financial Information

Our trained professional staff will make every effort to assist you with questions and concerns about your billing and insurance information. You will receive a statement/bill a few days after your discharge from the hospital. Because delayed charges may occur, you may receive a revised bill for charges not included in the original bill. As a service to you, Scotland County Hospital (SCH) will bill your insurance company. It is your responsibility to furnish us with your current insurance information. Any balance not covered by your insurance plan will be your responsibility. 

In some cases, a deposit may be required for any non-covered services or deductible at the time of your admission. Your insurance carrier may require pre-admission certification prior to your admission to SCH.  Please check the terms of your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider regarding this requirement for healthcare benefit coverage.

In most cases, your hospital bill does not include any professional services rendered by your personal physician or consulting physicians. You may receive a separate bill from your physician or consulting physician for their services. Scotland County Hospital’s financial counselors, Sheryl Templeton & Suzie Lister, are available to assist you with financial arrangements or concerns. Please call 660-465-8511.

Payment Options

  • Cash or Check
  • Credit Card (Master Card, Visa or Discover Card)
  • On-Line Bill Payment. Now you can pay your bill over the internet. To find out more or pay your bill on-line, Visit Our On-Line bill payment center.
Contact Information

Closed weekends and holidays

Payment Arrangements

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8-5
Financial Navigators/Counselors:
Suzie Lister
Revenue Cycle Manager
660-465-8511 x1562
Danielle Peterson

Pay in person at:
Scotland County Hospital & Clinics
450 E. Sigler Avenue
Memphis, MO  63555
Admissions/Registration Office – South Entrance/Hospital Drive/South Entrance - Canopy
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Send check or money order to:
Scotland County Hospital
Attn: Patient Accounts
450 E. Sigler Avenue
Memphis, MO  63555

On-line Bill Pay Available Through the Patient Portal
To enroll in the patient portal, contact the IT Department at

Insurance Information

For an estimate on what your insurance will pay and what you will be responsible for as an out-of-pocket payment, please contact our Financial Navigator, Suzie Lister (contact info listed above).

Scotland County Hospital accepts many insurance plans. We will bill your insurance company on your behalf if you have provided us with your insurance information at the time of registration. If you did not have your insurance information with you, please fax a copy of your card to us at 660-465-2956. You may also mail a copy of your card to the Scotland County Hospital address above.  Include "Attn: Patient Accounts" in the address. All charges not paid by your insurance company, including coinsurance and deductible amounts must be paid within 30 days of billing unless you contact us to establish payment arrangements.

Some services provided by your physician may not be included on your hospital bill.  Questions on your physician billing should be directed to:
  • All Clinics - Financial Navigators; 660-465-8511
  • Radiologists –Hannibal Regional Health Systems; 573-248-5452
  • Pathologists – Boyce & Bynum Pathology Laboratories, PC; 1-800-392-2748  #2 Billing Inquiries/#1 Patient Bills

Self Pay Accounts

Moriah Jordan    Self Pay Accounts Specialist                  Extension 1552

Bailie Hamner     Self Pay Accounts Specialist                 Extension 1139

Financial Counseling A Financial Counselor is available to discuss payment options with you and, if necessary, set up mutually agreeable payment plans for your hospital & clinic bill (s). If you have no insurance, our Financial Counselor will also review with you programs for which you may qualify and will assist in the application process. You can reach a Financial Navigator/Counselor (contact info listed above).