Volunteers Recognized


Scotland County Hospital and Clinics recognized volunteers during National Volunteer Week as part of National Volunteer Month in April. Hospital volunteers serve in many capacities from the Auxiliary and Gift Shop to sitting with restless patients in the hospital. The volunteers attending enjoyed donuts and coffee while they completed annual education on HIPAA Privacy Compliance, Fire and Tornado safety and much more.

President Richard Nixon established National Volunteer Week with an executive order in 1974, as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of volunteers. Every sitting U.S. president since Nixon has issued a proclamation during National Volunteer Week.

There are many projects that inspire our volunteers to serve, from:

Sewing pillow slips for pediatric patients, telemetry bags, clothing protectors, lap blankets and more.

Raising money to benefit the hospital.

Greeting and escorting patients.

Offering hospitality at the Gift Shop and making hand made items to sell.

Providing comfort and friendship to hospital patients, visitors and staff.

Making cookies and treats for staff during the annual Employee Education Fair.

Sitting with restless patients in their hospital room.

Providing lunch for Red Cross workers, managing the canteen, and making cookies for Blood Drives.

In fiscal year 2017-2018 the Hospital volunteers logged nearly 4500 hours of volunteer time. If equated to full-time work, that's 2.1 full-time employees.

The Auxiliary raises money to benefit both the Scotland County Care Center and the Scotland County Hospital & Clinics. The Auxiliary recently purchased a bladder scanner for the Care Center.  This state of the art piece of equipment came with a lofty price tag. However, the benefits are priceless for the residents & staff.  The prevalence of urinary incontinence for residents of long-term care is significant. Bladder ultrasound scanners can accurately detect urinary volume and retention with lower risk of infection and less discomfort compared with catheterization. Over the years, the Auxiliary volunteers have raised money for many pieces of equipment for both the Care Center and Hospital that benefits residents, patients and staff from both facilities.

At Scotland County Hospital & Clinics, volunteers are needed, valued, and appreciated. We are indebted to these unique and exceptional people who unselfishly help our patients, families, and staff.  From the Auxiliary volunteers that operate the Gift Shop and raise money to the members of the community that volunteer at the Hospital in many ways, your selflessness does not go unnoticed.

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