Scotland County Hospital Recognized as a Top Performer


Scotland County Hospital's Population Health Care Team has been recognized as “Top Performers” for the month of February by Crossriver Quality Health Partners (CQHP). The team consists of Tabitha Wittstock, MA (Population Health Coordinator), Stephanie Ketchum, LPN (Population Health Nurse and Chronic Care Management Nurse), and is led by the Physician Champion, Dr. Jeff Davis. The team was recognized for completing the highest monthly percentage of Annual Wellness Visits within all of CQHP entities for the month of February.  

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a yearly appointment with your Population Health Care Team and your primary care provider (PCP) to create or update a personalized prevention plan. This plan may help prevent illness based on your current health and risk factors. Population health refers to the health status and health outcomes within a group of people rather than considering the health of one person at a time. Population health management refers to the process of improving clinical health outcomes of a defined group of individuals through improved care coordination and patient engagement supported by appropriate financial and care models.

CQHP is an organization of healthcare providers in the region. Its mission is to unite physicians and other healthcare providers to improve the patient experience, the health of populations, reduce the cost of healthcare, and improve provider satisfaction. To support those efforts, they contract together to help achieve their common healthcare goals.

As of today, CQHP is comprised of the following groups of hospitals, physicians, and clinicians in the Tri-State region: Blessing Hospital, Blessing Physician Services, Illini Community Hospital, Hannibal Clinic, SIU Medicine Quincy, Scotland County Hospital, and Riverside Dermatology & Spa.

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