Medicare Patients Entitled to a Free Annual Wellness Visit


If you're an established patient at Memphis Medical Services, Wyaconda Medical Services or Lancaster Medical Services and enrolled in Medicare, you may be getting a phone call on behalf of Memphis Medical Services to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit at the clinic in Memphis with Libby, our Population Health Coordinator/Registered Nurse, or Faye, LPN. The purpose of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is to allow your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to develop a personalized plan for your care, to prevent disease and illness or prevent or delay progression of existing chronic conditions. 

Either Libby, RN or Faye, LPN, will do the assessment and documentation during your visit.  The Annual Wellness Visit is a free benefit to Medicare patients as part of the Healthcare Reform Act.  Whether you have a supplement to Medicare or not, it's a free benefit for being enrolled in Medicare. You are entitled to this Annual Wellness Visit once every 12 months and it is covered 100% by Medicare as a benefit to you.

During the visit, you will answer a series of health risk questions pertaining to medications, immunization status, family and personal health history, fall risk, safety of home environment, depression, diet, physical activity, and more.  A summary report will be shared with your primary healthcare provider so he or she can develop a list of risk factors, and also suggest screenings and treatments that you may want to consider.

If you wish to schedule your appointment, rather than wait for the phone call, please call Memphis Medical Services at 660-465-2828 to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit.

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